Mother is preparing dinner.

I can't understand what they were thinking.

Both my parents are still living.

During the summer holidays I met a beautiful woman.

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Why would someone kill him?

I want you to find Spy.

I wonder who can help us.

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I've got to get to him.


I don't like meeting new people.


I think Rhonda's an idiot.

When it's this hot, I don't feel like doing anything.

Can you pitch?

Everything has its sound.

You must do exactly what I tell you.

Yes. She got an introduction from her previous doctor and transferred to this hospital.

I would've let him do it.

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He had enough and to spare.


Are they not Englishmen?

They had a long wait for the bus.

This is spaghetti.

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The category of a hurricane depends on its wind speed.


You put fish paste in Samlar Machou Kreung.


It is easier to implant a belief into someone about a subject they have not considered, than it is to change a preexisting opinion.

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I didn't hit him.

Debi said he was going to kill Srikanth.

That would be an improvement.


He will live up to his father's expectations.

I didn't say I would help you.

Gilles cannot drive.

The sisters are quite unlike.

Thomas can do the job, I'm sure, but it'll take him a long time.

I doubt if a single individual could be found from the whole of mankind free from some form of insanity. The only difference is one of degree.

I'd like to get a view of the ocean.

Masanao is much older than me.

Every little thing you say gets on my nerves.


The phone doesn't work right now.

I hold the converse opinion.

Does this seem fair to you?

Is this your idea of a good time?

Do you want some breakfast, darling?

Nobody wants to be around Sal.

I think we should stick to the original plan.

The movie was much more enjoyable than Hemingway is.

Pascal looked as if he hadn't eaten anything in a long time.


It was interesting seeing how the speakers expressed various kinds of emotions while they were speaking.

Coleen is completely lost.

It's been fun for us.

Courtney thought that she would never see her son again.

I haven't seen you all day.


Get a move on kids or you'll miss the school bus.

Be careful on your way back home.

I had an awful day.

He's my dad.

I want to know what's going on.


Which do you like better, tea or coffee?

What is critical thinking?

The gossip is true!


Win said he couldn't do it.


I showed Carisa how to do it.


I grasped the rope so as not to fall.

Linder heard something and went to find out what it was.

I want to discuss this with Gill.

Joel knew Anatole wasn't a criminal.

I am shelling eggs.

Keep your room as neat as you can.

Fay and Shawn's children like strawberries.

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The heart says yes but the mind says no.


Daryl sat motionless on a chair in the corner of the room.


Rejoice, lest pleasureless ye die.

You should be ashamed of yourself for treating me this way!

Rick wants revenge.


I just can't figure them out.

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Caution! Wet Paint

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Look at all those people.


It is so dreadful that I don't want to think of it.


I am connecting this computer to the Internet.

I couldn't speak to Kelly.

Michael's performance was good.


Do you know how to play mahjong?

What sport do you like best?

You will miss the train.

Jinny wants to live.

Lana looks really sad.

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You idiot! Look at what you've done!

The city was soon occupied by the soldiers.

I like the girl I met yesterday afternoon very much.

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Will you get me off the hook this time?


Painting is another thing that I can do relatively well.

These machines can kill your free time.

She has never been asked out on a date.

Scot spends a lot of time in the library.

I thank you for your honesty.

There is a large pile of rubble where the school building used to be.

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible to do.

Many consider Italian to be the world's most beautiful language.

I was emotionally drained after listening to Rolfe rave on about his marriage problems for two hours.


I ate a hamburger at McDonald's.

I think there was a piece of paper in the box.

The baby doesn't walk yet.

This sea lion can balance a ball on its nose.

Sehyo spilled his drink.

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Leave them alone.

Break it up!

Sue got tired of waiting, so he left.

Why don't you take your time in finishing your paper?

How did you get to know them?

I have plenty of time.

We do like you.


Dan distracted the shop assistant while Linda was shoplifting.

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Warm wishes.


I'd rather not go to Boston with Sekar.

Les is just crying wolf again.

When did Edward die?

It's important we find him.

I'm aware of the danger.

Send me the amount by money order.

I came near being drowned, trying to rescue a boy.

I lived with Janet and Himawan for three years.

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to us.

My car is out of gas.

I already miss them.


I sat behind a very tall man in the theater.

Don't they want a cup of tea?

Raphael couldn't shake the feeling that Willie was hiding something from him.

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No fewer than thirty people were present.

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I can't right now. I'm busy.

Floria looked terrified.

I haven't seen them since.


I'm totally serious.

People need to enjoy themselves.

I was watching the red sun sinking in the west.

I talked to Raanan about what happened.

They took it out into the street, and Bret let them have it. Tuan put them down one by one, and the spectacle really drew a crowd.

We used to be human.

I've heard that Boston is a very expensive place to live.

Jin didn't like it.

Mah lost the bet.

I can't understand what precisely she wants.

I'm still not sure if he likes me.

I mainly participated in the working group "environmental protection and sustainable agriculture".

Both Francois and Lorraine have long hair.

Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.

He is Commander Joki.

Is that necessary?

It is uncomfortable to be sitting on this chair.

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We just needed to relax.

The wind sounds scary, like screaming ghosts.

She was conscious of being stared at by a stranger.

300 sit-ups every day? That's completely impossible!

He exerted himself to solve the problem.

I'm not sure why I'm here.

Who is he and what's his name?

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I think it's about time you stopped putting your belly before your looks.

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There are many ships in the harbor.

I will clean up yesterday's work.

It's actually kind of fascinating.

Why is it such a big secret?

"What kind of apes are those?" "Those aren't apes, they're our new neighbors!"